The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest and oldest organization of it's type in America. We minister to young people in the places most people believe it cannot be done; in our schools. FCA brings the Word of Jesus Christ to most colleges and high schools and many of the middle schools in our country. This work is being done through athletics using coaches and athletes in roles of leadership.  The work of FCA ministers in four distinct  areas of influence. They are our coaches  ministry, campus ministry, our summer camps and in our community. There are many separate areas within each ministry, such as our "One Way 2 Play-Drug Free!" program.

FCA Appomattox Basin is active in schools from Chippenham Parkway south to the North Carolina line. The Tri-Cities and surrounding counties are the center of our area of ministry.  We would like to  thank all of our supporters, especially those who choose to participate in this year's Motorcycle Run to help share our mission of "seeing the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches."



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